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I am doing a new sketch blog!

Somehow fine folks still find this old thing, but it is not long for this world. My new sketch blog (that I actually update) can be found at and if you like paintings you can check out our Tumblr

Thanks to those persistent few who kept on reading here!

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We have migrated to Tumblr!!
Sorry LiveJournal, we just don't hang out here much anymore. We'll stop back in from time to time to check on our friends, but if you like to hear from us, you should be reading our TUMBLR!!

New York Comic Con & Tigerbuttah Week
It's currently Tigerbuttah week over at Tiny Kitten Teeth. We got a new Tigerbuttah up on Monday, Wednesday and Friday this week!! You can also view them in advance on our store!

Also next week (October 8-10) we're going to be at New York Comic Con at the Dumbrella Booth (2217). Come meet us!

We are booth D4 at SPX!
Woops forgot to say what our booth number was. We are just round the corner from the other webcomics folks, nestled comfortably against our good friend Evan Dahm (Rice Boy/Order of Tales) and splitting a table with the rad Steve Wolfhard (Cat Rackham).

It's this weekend (Sept 11 & 12) in Bethesda, MD. Dangerously close to Washington DC! See y'all there!

Small Press Expo! This weekend! Sept 11 & 12
We are headed to Bethesda, Maryland. We are going to have all measure of crazy stuff with us! Come meet us!

We are at DragonCon!
Table 38 (I think) in the Comic & Pop Artist Alley, we are next to David Mack! That is in the basement of the Hyatt. Please come visit and say hi, we're there all the way through Monday!

See you there!!

1) I'm at San Diego Comic Con at Booth 1234 (Monster Milk) all week with brand new merchandise. Tiny Kitten Teeth Chapter 2, Tigerbuttah Plush Toys Ice Cream Unicorn shirt, Glow in the Dark buttons. I also have the Tigerbuttah Golden Book and all sorts of other fun stuff like little art books and prints!

2) We just announced I'm doing a show of brand new work at Switcheroo Workshop next week in Los Angeles. The launch is at 7pm on Saturday July 31st and we'd love to meet you there!! Thanks to Amanda Visell for putting this on, it's going to be CRAZY! The address is: 543 B South Raymond, Pasadena, CA.

If you want to RSVP to the gallery opening, you must first log into Facebook (or the link doesn't work), then go here

See y'all at the con and the show!!

Jimmie the Ice Cream Unicorn (Icecreamacorn!) & Comic Con

Shirt is available now from Topatoco!!

P.S: We are Booth 1234 at San Diego Comic Con under the name of Monster Milk! It is in the webcomics pavillion part in the main exhibit hall. If you find Penny Arcade, we are not far behind!

Buy My Book!!!
The Tigerbuttah faux Golden Book is now available for purchase at TOPATOCO!!! I also have a bunch of original art for sale.

Off to Australia in less than 2 weeks, then back home to finish Chapter 2 of TKT before we go off to San Diego Comic Con! EXCITEMENT!


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